Kumar korsanları

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64 thoughts on “Kumar korsanları

  1. Jordan Belfort

    Apparently talking gets you ejected now

  2. Keith Dixon

    I think Josh Donaldson has been watching a little too much Csaint……

  3. W829 L

    I dont even root for either team but that ejection just goes to show how soft umpires are

  4. Adam Zielinski

    Were tired of the stupid Braves and their winning franchise. All of us disgruntled Pirates fans are declaring war on the Braves. You win well just start a fight and then a war!


      Pirates fans are just jealous because we beat them in the NLCS 20 something years ago

    • Adam Zielinski

      @djw80158 Then you know the pain and graff we have with them. Were sick of being bucco bums! We want social justice. As in shipping Bob Nutting, burning down PNC Park, and refusing to play until baseball gets a salary cap. Baseball players make way too much money!

  5. Pedro Cruz

    Los mejores peloteros de la clase caribe …

  6. Veteran Patriot

    Donaldson would have Stomped a Mud hole in Musgrove.

  7. Nathaniel Heath

    So is that umpire fired yet? That was insanity.

    • Tin Man

      Considering that all four umpires consulted with one another, theres no reason for any termination. Both guys were cursing at one another, which is the reason they were tossed. A little exaggerated, but understandable.

  8. Steven Robinson

    The fact that musgrove isn’t getting suspended but Donaldson is makes no sense. Musgrove initiated by going towards him.

  9. Francisco Villarreal

    Markakis Wath a player wath a game⚾⚾⚾😄😄😄👍👍👍👍

  10. gumby noteeth8

    Musgrove shouldn’t have been ejected he did nothing wrong he didn’t intentionally hit him.

  11. Braxton Scarbrough

    Let the camar🐐 play!

  12. Veteran Patriot

    MVP of the Game, The fan in Left that caught Acuna Jrs 110mph Grandslam…. Barehanded.

    • Zack Hamlin

      Jason Wayne yep. I was sitting in that section

  13. Jay Starr

    Stop looking at me man.
    *Dude stop looking at me!*

  14. Brandon Cox

    This was such an awesome game to watch and Im kinda bummed I didnt go to it! I had today off and shouldve gone! Oh well. Congrats to Nick for RBI 1000! Keep it up man.

    • x_BLaCkOuT-

      Coming from someone who was at the game… Yes you should have went. Best braves game Ive ever been to in SunTrust

  15. And

    I was in a school trip in Europe when this happened. Jet lag hit me so hard and I was exhausted. My phone kept blowing up during the night that we kept scoring. My roommate and I were just wondering TF they doing over there?

  16. Veteran Patriot

    Always have been Always will be a Braves Fan , But Mad Props to Pirates Play by Play guys. One of the Few other than Bravos I Like.

  17. Crispy

    Donaldson is always getting into it… lol. And I didnt agree with the ejection of Musgrove. Good win for the Bravos, though.

    • Ali

      Donaldson needs to step it up. Dude only has 8 home runs and its almost half way through the season.

  18. Zanti

    In that ejection, the Braves lose a position player who gets replaced by someone almost as good, while the Pirates lose their starting pitcher in the first inning. So the Pirates were affected far worse than the Braves by the ejection, something the umpires should have considered. (By the way, I am a Braves fan.) If I were the Pirates manager, I think Id have sacrificed the game by letting a second string position player pitch the rest of the game. At least that would have preserved the bullpen for the next few games.

  19. Euro American

    Man the ball just jumps like crazy at the new Braves park. Homers all over the place. The new launching pad indeed.

  20. Peter Macias

    Let the boys be boys.
    Would love to see my Braves dethrone Red Sox or get revenge on Yankees.

  21. DManNC

    Ronald with another home run Dilly Dilly

  22. Gan Zilla

    I believe the Braves can win it this year. Now they are acting like the Braves in 1995.

    • Y O

      @Harmozel they could beat the dodgers next year no doubt if they get Arenado

    • Harmozel

      Maybe their division. They have a lot of talent, but I doubt that they have the talent to get passed the Dodgers.

  23. Larry Mugrage

    Austin Riley National League Rookie Of The Year 2019

    • Wayne Goss

      He better pick his hat back up though

  24. Johnathan Compton

    That guy who caught it is my assistant principal at my school

    • Joshua Simmons

      @Michael DePinto yeah now you get where Im coming from as a Braves fan

    • Michael DePinto

      @Joshua Simmons I see what you are saying

    • Joshua Simmons

      @Michael DePinto That is why it didnt matter because the Braves won because of the ejection

    • Michael DePinto

      @Joshua Simmons so it does matter

    • Michael DePinto

      @Joshua Simmons might not have won without the ejection

  25. kumamoto 1890

    Partido muy emocionante, Acuña y Albies, los mejores !!!!!

  26. RG4 Demon

    What a clutch homer by Acuña!!!

  27. SoundFX09

    Notes from the Game:
    – It might be time for Kevin Gausman to consider a Bullpen Position or Demotion to the Minors for the Time Being. He goes 2 1/3 Innings, Giving up Four Runs (Two Earned) on Five Hits, Walking one and Killing Four Pirates. He gets a No Decision, and his ERA now stands at 6.21.
    + Believe it or not, the Braves had a pretty good Bullpen tonight, but first, lets look at the Negatives:
    – Blevins and Winkler both played the classic game of What is a 3rd Out? by being unable to finish the 8th Inning, giving up Three Runs on Four Hits, Walking One, and Killing an Additional Pirate. Blevins ERA climbs to 6.52, while Winklers ERA increases to 5.59.
    + Sean Newcomb with a FANTASTIC Performance out of the Bullpen Tonight! 4 2/3 Innings of SHUTDOWN 1-Hit Baseball, walking nobody, and Killing Six Pirates. He gets his First Win since September 10th, 2018, Improving to 1-0 with an ERA of 2.59. Wished he couldve gone on for another Inning, but He did an Absolutely Amazing Job! Too soon to audition him back to the starting rotation though. He would need another Five-Inning Outing of similar proportion to really consider that.
    + Jacob Webb gets his Second Save of the Season, limiting the Pirates to just One Walk in 1 1/3 Innings of work while Killing an Additional Pirate. Webbs ERA now stands at 2.57.

    ? Before we get to the Offense, let me clear things up regarding the Benches-Clearing Incident in the 1st Inning. Did Donaldson deserved to be Ejected? Well, both the Bringer of Rain and Musgrove both pushed each others buttons there, so while I dont like the Umpires decision, I think it was for the better. Still, I will not fault Donaldson with any wrongdoing. He only responded to a Bad Mouthed Musgrove who shouldnt have tried to throw inside on him like that, much less, stared him down. Thats what started the whole encounter. Essentially, I agree with the Musgrove and Hurdle Ejection, but Im meh on the Donaldson Ejection. Maybe we should also nickname him The Bringer of Heavens Wrath?

    ? For those wondering, Why not let them fight? While it would increase the entertainment and appeal factor of the sport, It would also decrease the long-term health of the players involved. Theres always the risk of a Permanent Injury when it comes to Fighting in a Sport. While I believe fights should be allowed to an extent in Baseball, most players would also need to (1) Realize that if they are going to get into a fight, consider your night on the Diamond Done, and (2) The risk of Injury is ALWAYS going to be in play. If you dont want to risk further physical or mental injury, dont start a fight. Thats just my perspective on the matter.

    + I will give credit to Charlie Culberson and Freddie Freeman for calming Donaldson down. Freemans always been a Great Man both On and Off the Field, and Culbersons been a Great addition to the Braves in terms of, well, anything, I suppose we can add Peacekeeper to his resume as a Braves Player.

    + What a Fireworks Display from the Braves! 13 Runs on 12 Hits and 4 Walks since Musgrove was Ejected. THAT was the Defining Moment in the Game, and Gave the Braves all they needed to start the Offensive Show that we witnessed tonight!
    + Ronald Acuna Jr. got the show started with a Grand Salami (15)! Thats his Second Grand Slam of his Career, and would be the Only Hit he would get in the game, as he finished 1-5. Hes now batting .277 with an OPS of .848.
    + Dansby Swanson got on base when he could. 2-3 with a Single, Double, and 2 Walks. He improves to .262 with an OPS of .800.
    + Freddie Freeman continues to RAKE! 1-4 with a Two-Run Super Missile and a Walk. Freeman now stands at .311 with a .999 OPS.
    + In Donaldsons Absence, Johan Camargo CAME TO PLAY! 3-4 with a 2 Singles, a Double, and an RBI! Camargo is now batting .240 with an OPS of .645. Maybe losing one player to an Ejection ISNT always a Bad Thing! Give him more chances, Snitker!
    + Nick Markakis… WHAT A NIGHT! 4-5 with 3 Singles, a Two-Run Super Missile, and a total of 4 RBIs. Markakis is now batting .276 with an OPS of .790. In addition, he Shattered the 1,000 RBI Barrier. If he becomes a Hall-Of-Famer, I hope he chooses to represent as an Atlanta Brave. He has been One of the Most Consistent Hitters in the Braves Lineup since he arrived in the ATL!
    + Ozzie Albies had a Game of his own too! 2-4 with TWO Solo Super Missiles! Ozzie now stands at a .269 Average with a .771 OPS. Hes still here, and hes still ballin!
    + The Only Players to not record a hit tonight were Brian McCann and Austin Riley. Im hoping these guys will get going soon, especially Riley, whos been starting to cool off lately. A Little worrying, but it is natural for things to simmer down after a hot start.

    + Overall, After the Altercation between Donaldson and Musgrove, this became an Offensive Slugfest that the Braves Won. Definitely not our best from the Pitching Perspective, But Newcomb and Webb Performed Brilliantly. The Offense had the Accelerator to the Floor throughout the game, and Overall, despite a few mistakes, the Braves Flexed their Muscles and FALCON-PAWNCHED the Pirates into submission tonight! A Satisfying Win to Watch.
    + WE HAVE A TIE IN THE NL EAST DIVISION! Thanks to a 13-8 Win by the Arizona Diamondbacks against Philadelphia, The Atlanta Braves are TIED with the Philadelphia Phillies for the NL East Division LEAD. Who wouldve thought that after getting swept by the Phillies to Start the 2019 Season, we would potentially be back to Square One by the time we would see them again?

    + Dallas Keuchel was LIGHTS OUT Tonight in Rome! Taking on the Charleston River Dogs (Class A New York Wankers Affiliate), Keuchel SHUTS THEM DOWN over Seven Brilliant Innings, Giving up Only One Hit and Walk, while Confirming Nine Kills on ONLY 77 PITCHES! Tanner Lawson would get the win, as he also SHUTS DOWN the River Dogs over Three Innings, giving up NO Hits, NO Walks, and Confirming Three more Kills on 33 PITCHES en route to a 1-0 Rome Braves WALK-OFF VICTORY in 10 Innings! Well have to wait and see how Keuchel fares in his 2nd and 3rd Starts, but for a First Impression, HE WAS IMPRESSIVE!

    The Braves and Pirates will Brawl under the lights of Suntrust Park in Round Two of this Four-Game Set. Chris Archer will take the rubber for the Pirates, who limited the Braves to One Run on Six Hits over Six Innings at PNC Park. For the Braves, Mike Foltynewicz will take up Battle Stations and get his Second Shot at the Pirates, where, despite taking the loss, performed decently, Giving up Three Runs (all via Two Home Runs) on Six Hits over Six Innings at PNC Park. Can Folty find the Treasure in his Second Chance against the Pirates and continue the Braves Win Streak to 5? Or will the Pirates continue to find ways to sneak wins under their belts? We will find out at 7:20 PM EDT on ATT SportsNet PITTSBURGH (Pirates) and FOX SPORTS SOUTHEAST (Braves)!

    SoundFX09, Signing Out!

    • Ryan Dawson

      Kapolei Hammah search up soundfx09

    • Kapolei Hammah

      @Ryan Dawson thats not a copy n paste

    • LaMarcus Ballinstone

      Great work as always

    • Ryan Dawson

      Talking about a copy and paste

  28. Christina Garner

    Love Musgrove hate most of our bullpen

  29. Errt master

    Being on Harper and the Phillies

    • Johnathan Patrick

      Im kinda liking the Diamondbacks feast on them right now. 😁😁

  30. Jonathan Parker

    How many Grand Slams has Acuna hit in his young career? I feel like its a lot since he only started playing last year.

    • K C

      Still the youngest to hit a grand slam in the postseason though

    • Ryan Bowlby

      2. One vs the dodgers and this one.

  31. BNSFBishop

    What a game! Offense exploded, Josh causing Musgrove to leave with a mediocre Pirates bullpen and most importantly Nick’s 1000 Ribbi

  32. Durrell Kitchen

    At the Bottom of the 2nd Inning, Ronald Acuna Jr. #13 (RF) delivers a Legendary Grand Slam, and Nick Markakis #22 (CF) drove 2 runs and at the Bottom of the 3rd Inning, Ozzie Albies #1 (2B) belted a Solo Home Run shot and at the Bottom of the 4th Inning, Freddie Freeman delivers a 2-Run Blast and at the Bottom of the 7th Inning, Ozzie Albies #1 (2B) again, belted a Solo Home Run Shot, again and at the Bottom of the 8th Inning, Nick Markakis #22 (CF) delivers a 2-Run Blast to makes the Braves to win in a 13-7 winning game victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates!!!!! ⚾

    At the Bottom of the 1st Inning, Braves 3B Josh Donaldson #20 F-Bombs at Pirates Pitcher Joe Musgrove #59 and the rest of the Pirates team

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