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117 thoughts on “Casino golden hakkında yorumlar

  1. Tatiane Freitas

    Espero que a segunda onda não me leve, pois eu preciso ouvir o próxima album. Muito ansiosa.

  2. Rodney

    I regret not listening to the whole album sooner

    • Not a Person

      Bro same. I made what is not called a pro gamer move

    • alexs wife

      ME TOO. im listening to these now and im disappointed…

  3. mata gee

    if the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ever gets a reboot this album would make a great soundtrack

  4. Sol Andrada

    why only 1 millon of views!!!!!!!·$

  5. Anthony Sclafani

    Very pink floyd-ish, I like

  6. Im so bored I dont know what to do

    2:07 Looooove this!!

  7. Isabella Ananda

    This song is so dramatic and evil, I love it!

  8. Charlie Osborn

    2006-2014 was brilliant and this is awful

  9. mansika das

    Sounds like a song that should be played at halloween night

  10. barmina from the blocc

    this song is underratedly sexy

  11. Mukhammetali Yeleubekov

    where could I heard this intro before?

  12. Elena Srećković

    This album is truly underrated

  13. Fenna Massaar

    this music makes me feel like im some secret celestial being roaming the streets when in reality im just a rat

  14. Steelwool Man

    This song reminds me of scooby doo. I dont know why

  15. Joshua

    I dont know why but I feel like this is the Crying Lightning of TBHC lol

  16. Rohana Agustina

    So, when the psyches whisperin to Alex, and Alex response is sometimes, I fantasize about you,too

  17. SpaceEmos

    Last night when my psyches subcommittee sang to me in its scary voice belongs in the Louvre

  18. foxxyloxx

    The organ part is all sinister, while the rest of the melody is like a tender fuck. Wow. Perfection.

  19. yasmin gabriele

    entrei bem e sai com depressão 🤡

  20. Nestor Martinez

    I honestly thought this was going to be a DBZ reference lmao

  21. Atalia Rivas

    lol…I had a the song it kinda talks about a wrestler..know who like to watch people wrestle?….Miles fucking kane. Gives “Sometimes I fantasize about you toooo” a different meaning

  22. Neuchâtel

    Is it me or that guitar riff sounds like gta liberty city theme ??

  23. Y0rKsHiRePrIdE

    Anybody else hear the Stanley Kubrick influences in this song, just listen to the music Leonard from Full Metal Jacket soundtrack and you can hear the dark undertones in this song.

  24. Asura Jabes

    i was expecting a comment section full of dbz jokes for some reason

  25. flor perachia

    Ill die for a live version …

    • João Vitor Alcântara

      yeah, I wont ever forgive them for not making a live version of this.

  26. Hunter MacDonald

    Am I the only one not liking this album at all? Its like all the greats have stumbled away from their sound: Cage the Elephant with its traditional rock instrument focused light psychedelic feel, AM with its grungy punk with electronic underpinnings or soft moody rock with vocal harmonization, Black Keys with its contemporary blues rock feel, to this: Electro pop rock. Even Greenday has done a similar thing. Wtf is up with this? Im just gonna be confined to their old albums, classic rock, and Royal Blood.

    • Nathan

      theres a few on here that I like but overall it just doesnt sit right with me. Longtime fan of the band and while their style has changed, I dont think its ever strayed away too far from how it started out, but this is a complete departure from the style theyre known for. Its not inherently bad, its different and certainly an acquired taste, but a majority of the songs on here just dont sit right with me at all

  27. Chris Murten

    Why is this the darkest song on the album (other than SLLF and science fiction) but also a sweet love song? I love it it’s such a great mix of themes and tones almost like 2 lovers trapped in a horrible world but it doesn’t matter because there together. What an album

  28. SamGgalvan

    Oh dios si ❤💕👌 amo este tema 😍

  29. Heba Baig

    this hits different on election night

  30. Μαιρουλα Κατσουλα

    One of the best song in the album

  31. Katherina Braun

    Im sorry, but can someone make an one hour version of this? Please?

  32. Nicol

    The music isnt the problem, the real problem Itd you if you keep stuck in the same thing without evolving to more unique and original styles

  33. the bedrock


    When true love takes a grip it leaves you without a choice

    And in response to what you whispered in my ear
    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too

    • selin

      @Alex The Amateurif u want any recomments my personal favorite songs are Come closer, Colour of the trap, Inhaler ,Cold light of the day, Silverscreen, Youre gonna get it and Caught in the act. I think you can start from them

    • İz

      @Alex The Amateur i suggest you to listen his albums he has tree its a better way for understanding the artist and the story and feeling behind that (do it with reading the lyrics)

    • Alex The Amateur

      @İz I want to try to get into Miles music. Do you have any recommendations? I have no one irl who knows who he is, so I have to ask people on the internet.

    • İz

      @Alex The Amateur Im just 17 bored in lockdown and dont have a life 🤝

  34. I’m love with Kurt cobain and Alex Turner

    The music in the start is gonna kill me it’s so beautiful

  35. Nat M

    If i could like this a hundred more times, i would

  36. Galina van Dam

    Forget WAP Arctic monkey is the most sexual artist ever FIGHT ME

    • Elena Srećković


  37. Μυρτώ Χαραλαμποπούλου


  38. Aiesha Hamid

    We could’ve been happy together.
    But I guess I need time
    I love you.
    I want you.
    You’re my best friend.
    You’re my best friend.

  39. nikolai rainbow

    Reminds me of Suspicion by REM in a good way

  40. Almaliha Qurratu Fitria

    i got a kinda Ghost vibe from the guitar riffs here

  41. killgil

    seems like youve been listening to ghost

  42. katsaw.

    i’m so pissed they haven’t played this song live yet it’s so good

  43. Becca

    Orion and Alex. 😶🥲🧍‍♀️

  44. Juan Cruz Sola

    Ta ra ta ra ta ra ta ta. Ta ra ta ra ta ra ta ta…

  45. Μαιρουλα Κατσουλα

    Just imagine the band living in the 70s

  46. lieluh

    i’m 𝚘𝚋𝚜𝚜𝚎𝚜𝚎𝚍 with this songgg

  47. Reckless X

    There’s a noice in the second 00:54 jajaja kind of lovely

  48. Just a piece of cheese Geovanna

    música linda do caralho vo morre aa

  49. Editsandmore edits

    Who else loves the part 2:24 ???

  50. Beamer Boi

    The beginning sounds like my refrigerator when I don’t close the door

  51. CataclysmChimera874

    this is what plays when something bad happens to the main characters and breaks them apart before the climax of the arc

  52. greta marie

    nothin like listening to this at 3am waiting for a hurricane to hit your town

  53. Strangemagic

    Americantrunks simulator 3👌🏻

  54. Tara Whittington

    War of the worlds somehow

  55. Efsun

    Gece deniz kenarında yürüyormuşum gibi hissettiriyor

  56. Yoeli Monserrat Ramírez Martínez

    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you too Alex 🙂

  57. Anna Victória Uchôa Costa

    AAAAAA q música prft

  58. PapaCrut

    2:24 onward is just soooo good

  59. Inês Tristão

    Yes Alex I fantasize about you too

  60. HYDE Vamps

    İts good but i miss old arctic monkeys

  61. Lrclledodbtc

    Inspired by THE BEATLES – BECAUSE

  62. Thomas Kauser

    The leader of the free world is 490 pounds with daddy issues!

  63. Midnight Carnage

    Best Verse On A Song Ever

  64. Franco

    What this song is about according to Alex, “That song is definitely centered around a female character, and its the closest thing to a love song thats on this record. I made this character, and she had this idea about what was going on. The line came to me through that; I thought of the WWF.

  65. Allan S Araujo

    this music reminds me of thimbleweed park. what a great game and song

  66. João Vitor S. Nunes

    This song remember gears of wars 4. Ive played when heard this album

  67. savvyyeet

    best song out of this album

  68. Im so bored I dont know what to do

    This sounds sinister but sexy

  69. edie clark

    golden trunks and the ultracheese are the best off this album imo

  70. NatyNat

    the whole album gives me The Twilight Zone vibesssssssssss. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

  71. Nicoly Felix

    Adoro essa música, me faz pensar em coisas calmas e em mim

  72. Greg Alsop

    Súper Sayayin Golden Trunks

  73. Daniel Garza

    Aquí veo influecia de the beatles

  74. startrunkz

    This song really reminds me of Portal 2 for some reason, the riff reminds me of jumping on an Aerial Faith Plate and having a loud distorted sound play as you did, absolutely love this song.


    From 2:25 onwards is one of the best things Ive ever heard. Cant help but think its Alex talking about him falling for Louise when he was going out with Taylor


      @dylanoneill2011 I wouldnt be so sure about that, they recorded the album in Paris… And Taylor seemed really pissed off with Alex when they broke up as if he had cheated but just me putting 1 and 1 together!

    • dylanoneill2011

      he didnt meet louise until after he broke up with taylor which was way long after this was written

  76. Mila Spasić

    Somebody needs to make an aesthetic based on this album

    • Mila Spasić

      @Martina omg thank you! Ill definitely check it out

    • Martina

      Youre right! Well, theres a spanish youtuber that made a video talking about six music albums and she added really aesthetic pictures based on the albums and its vibe. The last one is tranquility base. The video is in spanish, but at least you can watch the images and turn the subtitles on. I let the link here just in case you want to watch it: she talks about tranquility base from the minute 14:34 to 16:45 . Hope you like it!

  77. Almaliha Qurratu Fitria

    this song gives me slight Ghost vibe

  78. WckdLttlSnnrs 28

    Best song on the album

  79. clara n

    criminally underrated album 🙁 my favorite <33

  80. Jordana Nogueira Vaz

    Last night when my psyches
    Subcommittee sang to me in its scary voice
    You slowly dropped your eyelids
    When true love takes a grip it leaves you without a choice
    And in response to what you whispered in my ear
    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you, too
    The leader of the free world
    Reminds you of a wrestler wearing tight golden trunks
    Hes got himself a theme tune
    They play it for him as he makes his way to the ring
    And in response to what you whispered in my ear
    I must admit sometimes I fantasize about you, too
    In the daytime
    Bendable figures with a fresh new pack of lies
    Summat else to publicise
    Im sure youve heard about enough
    So in response to what you whispered in my ear
    Ill be upfront, sometimes (sometimes) I fantasize about you, too

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