Jolly roger çevrimiçi slotlar

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111 thoughts on “Jolly roger çevrimiçi slotlar

  1. Tessa

    whenever I play this game I dont see any other players on it. Is it not popular anymore?

  2. the grim creeper

    I just remembered I was here during this invasion. I saw you a couple of times and tried reviving you once, but ended up being pulled away by Jolly Roger.

  3. Wesley W

    i wish they still do invasions. because their always a lot of fun. a great way to level up

  4. Covfefe

    I did the last grenade attack on jolly roger and did killed him… it said so after the message appears…

  5. Daisy Kipling

    I kept on dying, me and my buddy were only there.

  6. ImNotFat ImJustGrowing

    I was there. Doing this was amazing and epic!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TheSuperMarioBros101

    i actually had the finishing attack on jolly roger once. i attuned him with my voodoo doll, i was only a lvl 12, and i was basic access. everyone else was fainted, i hid, and used a swarm attack. he was wiped out, and i became lvl 13 so fast your head would spin.

  8. sazzysazz85

    Wow, watching this video and realizing that pirates went downhill a lot a few years later, but still loved it and so gutted its been shut down!!

  9. V1D3OG0D

    @freindjt Usually they happen every day, but im not sure what time.

  10. Imminent Yoshipocalypse

    @amycallie123 Every time it loads for me it says there was an error. Exept for me, 5 months!!!!

  11. DeadmanInc336

    Hmmmmmm. What if they used Jolly Roger, re-designed him a little, and used him in the movies? I mean…there are plans for a 5th movie.

  12. aadil64x

    my friend invited me once, it lagged and i just dont enjoy it as much, not saying its the worst game out there, just things they can fix and make it better so yeah.

  13. cassandra ✌

    idk if this is weird but im a member i wear member outfits and im lvl 10

  14. Bryce Filer

    anyone else watching this to get hyped for the release of TLOPO?

    • Nick Sparrow Studios

      Open Beta starts in 5 days

    • Dillweed

      September 19th, Beta starts.

    • Itz Dev

      +SkinnyZiggy ! U cant even play por thats why were hyped for Tlopo lol

  15. michelle khan

    Did you defeat jolly rodger?

  16. ThePakiBoy92

    Do any of you know where to get tonic???

  17. Zion

    I remember everyone played this game at night and when Jolly Roger came out, I called all of my friends who were members and they would tell me For Jack Sparrow. No doubt we were all in this together and we revived as much people as we can. Man I felt like I was a real pirate. The good old days…

  18. Cleavonand Gaming

    wtf i keep clicking play but nothing happens i get mad and fucin angry how does it work

  19. rafi dharani

    i survived all ways im level 67

  20. InnerCityX

    I started (for the 2nd time) yesterday and need someone to play with.
    PM me if you wanna be my friend 😀

  21. Nicholas Cage

    hey man i was apart of ur crew in this im greg

  22. BlackFistUpHigh


  23. Blake Tschida

    the only thing funner then the invasion itsself was a few weeks later when they had the pvp challange when you could go outside of any building and try and kill inisant people for fun 😀 I personaly got to a high reccord of 51 kills lol 🙂 most people got like 3 or so

  24. POTCO People

    Cool i like invasions therere cool but i been in ALOT so its not a new thing

  25. michelle khan

    I was part of the invasion.long time ago.

  26. BeerCanBeachKitty

    I tried to get Jolly Roger but he knocked me out

  27. Joseph Buckley

    I remember playing Pirates Online, I got all the way up to where you get the staff. I kinda miss playing it too, I made a lot of friends on there.

  28. Princesscas

    @The80033 high worlds with an invasion is REALY LAGGY! horrible..i died over 50x in invasions of lagging XD

  29. MrStickWar

    this game used to be the best after a bunch of stupid updates

  30. LazyBones 77

    man life was good back in the day

  31. jason sippel


  32. TDCW

    thats cool what level is your guy now

  33. Headless_Gentleman

    there was a invasion yesterday it was REALLY fun

  34. Nathan Brown

    i remember pretending to be a pirate in primary school 🙂

  35. jeremy878785

    i was in this invasion good times

  36. Firegator

    thats one fast computer O_O

  37. patw999

    my cusin loves the invasins he loves them he got a way from jolly roger when he got traped on his ship

  38. TwanistA_TR

    I fucking loved this game I would play it today if I could

    • TwanistA_TR

      @Jackson Cress oh word imma have to try this out thanks man

    • Jackson Cress

      TwanistA_TR go to the legend of pirates online and download it

  39. matthewapple

    @MultiMadmanmax um you kick the door?

  40. Petaall

    i wouldnt use the map to go anywhere plus idk if i was in this invasion 😛

  41. Cataphractum

    Damn, how do you not lag.

  42. kookygremlin24

    This brings back so many good memories. 🙂

  43. MegaGlitchMaster100

    @TheGamingSpartan -__-

  44. Riley Teare

    that was sick dude u am lvl20 and i almost got grenade!!!! i want it so bad i am at the part
    with the ships its hard!!

  45. EmporerAaron

    I remember these, they were actually a lot of fun seeing players line up in a defensive position.

  46. warriorkingofswords

    i havent plyaed this in so long i was the highst lvl with my wepons and my charicter TELL THEM JAMES WIND SKULL IS COMING BACK

  47. Ayecie

    i just did one today..we failed hahahaha

  48. Hezmarie

    I wish JohnnyDaPirate (Creator) would give us the release date XD… Ahh He is Getting us Hyper and so fidgety until it comes out and he doesnt want us to know the release date XD Clever John…

  49. Asen

    @electricdeathful like 10 grams and you would be able to see unicorns!

  50. Roland Cadiz

    you get grenades at level 20

  51. Xtcnyc 23

    dont understand why they are closing this game

  52. Arkham Knight

    o yea i played this invasion and i got in jail like always cuz i kept fighting him he target me all da time!

  53. Deku

    LOL, i was there also, i had a 100% Crew, i saw you there.

  54. cobysrk

    Ohhhh brings back soooo many memories when I was 8-9 I loved this game I was always so exicted to play in the moring 😀 …. but now that im older im playin minecraft :/ but I still love this game~!!!!!! First video game I ever played on the pc 😀 😀 😀 <3

  55. Sheriff Woodie

    Then why are you watching this?

  56. Alexander Bellini

    invasions r always long ther so much fun i pwn with my pirate

  57. Saronam

    @Frederikthegreat77 nope it was only once:(

  58. ThePakiBoy92

    As of now invasions are like every other day or so

  59. srit hunter

    6:41 Hehehuhuhahahahahahaha actually 15 sylabes

  60. Edna Baker

    I remember defending Tortuga from the undead….. Good times, good times

  61. Greenrune113

    People there suck they dont help anybody all they want to do is save themselves!!!

  62. BlackFistUpHigh

    and maybe i would of bought membership at the beginning , but i just dont like they way they fool around … 1st off i thought its a 100% free to play game so i startet getting really into it and enjoying myself , little did i know SUPRISE SUPRISE YOU HAVE COMPLETED 20% OF THE STORY – WANNA CARRY ON THE ADVENTURE WICH YOUVE INVESTED
    SO MUCH TIME IN ??? OK NOW YOU LIKE THE GAME GIVE US YOUR MONEY.. now i probably will cause its the only nice game working on my wack pc

  63. Reiner Braun

    Good memories good memories

  64. aadil64x

    this gane sucks i dont know what makes this game so much fun except for butt fuccking other players

  65. TheDivadExperience

    wow jolly roger is no joke lol i thought i could kill him myself with my lvl 21 but if he can kill a lvl 26 in one hit then id epic fail XD

  66. Tazboi Manderp

    it is you just need to buy membership for many things plus its only five dolllars for 1 month dont be lazy or cheap go buy it -.-

  67. crecioiii

    do u have unlimited bullets?

  68. tay bo

    i used to like playing this game just because of the invasions aaaah good times

  69. ryan higga

    what were the navys doing???

  70. Imminent Yoshipocalypse

    Pirates of the Caribbean Online doesnt work. Why?
    Pirates des Caraïbes doent travail en ligne. Pourquoi?
    Piratas del Caribe Online doent trabajo. ¿Por qué?

  71. jaja5058

    Join The Pixie Pyrates Good Guild….. Will Said So lvl 36

  72. UmmMaryum

    @The80033 Make sure you x out of all programs including the internet before invasion it will help stop lag, or at least cut down on it. Plus, it depends on the type of processor that your pc/laptop has.

  73. Muffy Ram

    Least favorite thing about the invasion was the flipping Powder Keg Runners. People would go for all out close ranged fight, when its better to attack at the distance. That, and *PEOPLE NOT BEING AT EVERY BARRICADE!*

  74. Lil Rat Pee Pee


  75. Sven Agius

    i saw joly roger ivnading…….WHEN I STARTED PLAYING?

  76. joecartoon1000

    Here is a pro-tip coming from a level 50. Get all People in the town and at the governs mansion, thats the best way to do it. i never die [4,298] health! :]

  77. crecioiii

    how did u escape from jail?

  78. bakugan433252

    @SubspaceGamer HELL YEAH!

  79. Pink Army

    So much memories I’m crying😭😭❤️❤️

    • ThunderEX

      Pink Army You can play it again, its called The Legends of Pirates Online 🙂

  80. Aidan Montgomery

    last time i checked brigade was made of like 1,000 men not 50

  81. Ajarmetta

    guys want to remember potco come watch my tribute video on my channel

  82. Nathan Pruitt

    i aws in 2 of these in the same day ><

  83. Mary Higgins

    when i was in a jolly roger invasion,i said today we take the battle to them..and then someone saidno, their taking the battle to us.

  84. V1D3OG0D

    Im in this video: Mark Pugshot :DDD

  85. Jack Freeze

    wow cool i am in that video i am chris
    rellay thats cool

  86. Katie McEwan

    Mine isnt working. Everything works except for the part when I have to get out of jail. I cant move because none of the controls work, and everything is slow. I dont think its a computer problem because every other site works except for this one. Someone help!!

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