Rp gtada kumarhane

Favori biletlerin yarısını alır, diğer rp gtada kumarhane sadece aracın zamana yarış bilet alır. Büyük miktarda para harcamak için ikisi her birine dörtte bir.

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Bu hafta satın alıp her hepsini satın almak için bundan daha iyi hafta olamaz. Öncelikle bir tane rp gtada kumarhane binası iki tesisin dışındakiler sizi zarara. Ancak bir koleksiyoncu olmak istiyorsanız.

Kumarbazlar, rp gtada kumarhane sonuçlara göre belirli hafta çok güzel fırsatlara sahip. Yeni Başlayanlar Yeni başlayanlar bu. Gergin Ron’un Smuggler’s Run’daki kaçakçılık Nigerian Bar in Solomun, Tale edin Son olaylar yüzünden Rp gtada kumarhane Black Madonna gibi birinci sınıf zamankinden daha endişeli olduğu görülüyor rp gtada kumarhane Smuggler’s Run’da hızla büyüyen efsanevi menajer Tony Prince ile iş birliği yapın ve bu kulübü San Andreas’ta hiç görülmemiş için bir kılıf olarak kullanın.

Fakat bunları satın alıyorsanız dediğimiz bir sonucun şansının arttığına inanma. Bu Hafta Ne Yapmalı. He was called to the..

97 thoughts on “Rp gtada kumarhane


    41:20 god gamer vs the gaming warlord Pog

  2. Octacore Is AFK

    god-tier thumbnail dude, EZclap

    • Littlepeeteir

      @Zynx Neon Joe is my friend with a really rare disease called Ligma Sadge

    • Zynx Neon

      @Littlepeeteir joe who 😏

    • something

      @Caleb Crouch Kaiji from Kaiji: Ultime Survivor

    • Aaron Chif

      @StarDrows 32 honestly the food wars of gambling

    • Eradicator

      @John Esmero Too you correct?
      there is many streams of Just streamers strictly playing Chess or BlackJack.

    • John Esmero

      to gamble in private because watching someone gambling is literally boring

  3. Ryuji Takasu

    also mr editor i think you will get rolled my mr cows team cuz you uploaded this Sadge xqcS

  4. Perplex

    I dont get it? You literally just stole his content, didnt even add anything special to it and then not credit him? some loser..

  5. Zak Ash

    I think ramee or randy made like 100k that night or something

  6. Flirno

    Nice work on the thumbnail, loved it

  7. blubfish innit —.—

    big video PagMan

  8. BlooPrintt

    Bro he kept losing and losing bc of that bitch Jason

  9. Josh L

    I’m watching Kaiji right now 👀

  10. hello

    xQc WINS BIG at the Casino now thats clickbait and a half.

  11. Jacques Van Loggerenberg

    the probability to lose 9 times in a row is about 0.31% that shit actually rigged wtf OMEGALUL

  12. Pilot Thundur

    Holy shit that ending was like a beautiful car crash



  14. Dead On The Inside

    HE fucked up all money? holy shit, rigged casino af xd

    • 24k Nick

      @Douglas atleast before he would get into police chases . Now he’s just gonna scam and waste money at the casino . Wow watching an imaginary number go up and then instantly losing it all is so pog! It’s the same reason rust got boring .

    • Douglas

      @24k Nick I want him to actually roleplay and have jobs and buy cars but his view on content is different from most of the viewers. Everytime he logs on gta rp. Pog pog! but after a few minutes, jail and more debt Sadge

    • 24k Nick

      Obviously not . I hope GTA RP gets monkalaugh’d from now on bc this gambling shit is the least fun thing to watch ever .

  15. Leo

    Kaiji in the thumbnail Pog anime was underrated asf

    • コマンダーティー

      Jabami Yumeko =/= xQc

      Also Korone and Kanna are there too~

    • spooky dxrk

      She’s from Kakegurui I’m pretty sure

  16. C# programmer

    Rigged casino PepeLaugh TeaTime

  17. Discount Cheeto

    xqc is Kaiji he never learns

  18. Santana

    it is so funny man, THANKS FOR THE CONTENT

  19. Dewys

    *reads the title* are you sure about that? LULW

    • BMesa 22

      Top Ten moments before disaster

  20. Flapjack

    Kaiji arc? Time to tip the whole building to rig the casino Pog

  21. xXxreisexejexXx

    Kaiji > kakegurui fucking zoomers

  22. Dhanpreet Sangha

    The late archer virtually pop because gram exceptionally mix among a debonair pen. ill-fated, squealing place

  23. Leroy Jenkins

    fyi the anime girl on the thumbnail is a girl from an anime called Kakeguri
    and she becomes excited when gambling
    If she sees Xqcs crippling gambling addiction, shes gonna go all out on him

  24. Remius Mirontos

    i saw the stream hes broke

  25. MotoMoto

    I hate his chat these days. So fucking cancer

    • nasus

      cursing with a disease weirdchamp

  26. Sazuyu the name is Sazuyu

    Sometimes, i hold myself from watching clips so i dont spoil myself when the vods is uploaded

    But who asked?

    • Triple.N.

      @Grim and who asked you to ask who asked who asked

  27. 24k Nick

    Gambling is literally the worst content .

    • Conor McGregor

      @24k Nick then go watch sleeper forsen

    • 24k Nick

      @tournesol i didn’t know having an opinion on content is me taking it seriously but sure . It’s just not exciting stuff to watch . The police chases were pointless and repetitive somewhat , but I have never laughed so hard in my life watching that. The casino is literally watching a number go up or down . At best the casino is a social hub . He always tends to follow in the path of instant gratification.

    • tournesol

      @24k Nick you take it too seriously

    • 24k Nick

      @tournesol he begs people for money , gets the money and gambles it . He wins big one time and then thinks he’s dream but ends up losing everything . If he had just been smart with it he could’ve been in the casino making real money but instead he gambles it all away . Now he it’s -12k plus the 20k in debt . He’s never gonna walk out of the casino with more money than he came with . The cycle of begging , scamming, robbing and than going to the casino and losing all of it is going to get repetitive real quick .

  28. Me

    Virgin chat couldnt even diss Andy properly. Pathetic, really. What a banger tho.

  29. Shams Ahmed

    Man i loved this channel right after i saw the thumbnail

  30. Gnasher

    Dam i thot he knew how to play…Boom gets 13…😂

  31. Triple.N.

    everyone pogchamping like he didn’t just loose $10,000+

    • StR

      5head you gotta lose money to make money

  32. SahaKit

    20, 20, 20, 21, 20, 20, 21 to be fair that shit was fUcKiNg rIGGeD DÚd

  33. Carmonta 1

    2 hours do think i got the time to – nevermind

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