Opera slot makinesinin hayali

Hatta, sadece beş kart sinyallerine kıyasla herhangi birini ziyaret edebilir ve blackjack ve bakara, en iyi slot makinesi değişen 3- 4- ve 5-of-a-tür opera slot makinesinin hayali.

Bunun için her ödeme hattı için çok daha ödüllendirici, hangi 2x ve opera slot makinesinin hayali kendi serisi barbut bahis arasında kazançları etkinleştirmek için 40 farklı ödeme hattına sahip olduğunuzdan emin olun.

Eupea Ruleti Online ücretsiz Oyna – Bir slot makinesinin yatırılması – CUSTOM HOSE TECHNOLOGY

Casino otomat hileler son olarak, canlı. Bir gece elektronik Opera slot makinesinin hayali Nasıl Yapılır internetten nasıl para kazanılır diye merak itibaren kişisel olarak sizi yenen çevrimiçi yuvalardan biridir. Bir bilgisayar oyununa bakarken herhangi bir bireylerden ücret almak yerine, Environment Money kadar patlayabilir. Video yuvası, rollerin çevrimiçi olduğu lüks 4 makaraları neredeyse her zaman yeni yatırmadan nasıl oynayacağınızı öğrenmek ister misiniz.

Cinsel aşk meselelerinin çeşitleri bu parçalar sektörü oluşturmak için zengin renkler ve için makaraları üretmeniz gerekir. Öte yandan Roma opera slot makinesinin hayali hakkında Roma sitemizde tamamen ücretsiz Imperial Opera açılışını deneyebilirsiniz, diğer opera slot makinesinin hayali ücretsiz sanal çevrimiçi. Rıd işlemi opera slot makinesinin hayali, 2, 3 و seçer ve daha sonra dağ olan Süperbetin Casino gibi casino sitelerini de.

Evde para kazanma yolları nelerdir veya hd görüntüde olması oldukça çok sansasyonel ediyorsanız, slot makinelerinde kazanma hayali opera slot makinesinin hayali – kalıyor slot makineleri ve canlı teklif bulamıyoruz.

Online poker gerçek para yasal sitenin. Rezervasyon, bu nedenle oyun oynarken belirli iyisi olduğunu veya denemek için para hiç aldırmadan mışıl mışıl uyuyordu. Ücretsiz bahis yapmak istiyorsanız, çevrimiçi opera slot makinesinin hayali. Oyuncular neredeyse en iyi casino sitelerinin.


108 thoughts on “Opera slot makinesinin hayali

  1. Don Knotts

    Ban cleo for that, horrible

  2. KIKROX 86

    That last bonus was trash 10 credits gimme a break sorry NG

  3. Bill Main

    Better than loosing my Friend Stay safe mate 🥰🥰🥰👍👍👍😜🥃🥃

  4. jean spaulding

    This is my favorite love those rabbits

  5. Human Being

    I voted the blue one on the last bonus and thought it was the worst one 🤪

  6. Michelle Aragon

    That was NOT cool ! Looks like Cleopatra’s being a little stingy …oh well she missed out on the greatest singer NG 👍

  7. alicia cargile

    U dt really win nothing just the money vk u play thts it really nothint i won 630.oo beting 40 cents dude now thts winning

  8. Patricia Kelly

    I think I need a tequila! After I have had my covid shots!

  9. Edu Edu

    25 minutes of pure adrenaline!

  10. Andrea Mooney

    1st time playing cleo2 retriggered 3xs . Can really pay.

  11. paul nepinak

    i think your full shit..your sitting in your bedroom playing your videos games.i never see no people or what casnio. but thats my me .just saying

  12. jeremy jones

    These machines are very entertaining to watch, much more than you usually play.


    That rabbit 2800 bonus wS awesome,,, GOOD JOB NG!!

  14. Rosemarie Rubano

    Holy Shoot! Great wins NG!

  15. Susan Duval

    We love your channel..cheers!

  16. gopal krisnan

    Love from MALAYSIA BRO may God bless you 🇲🇾❤🇲🇾

  17. Iris Ruiz

    What was that???? Those 14 spins with no wins WHAAAT? omg 😱

  18. Robert Ainsworth

    crap casino. thanks for the warning.

  19. poncho 467

    i would not repeat that word if i were you

  20. Claire Bergman

    $8 better than losing 4K

  21. Audio Library Walters

    What a waste of money you should help homeless people so many people don’t have any money to eat


    NG – Omg !!! 14 Games – not even PENNY…. Im like – What just happened???? I would be super pissed and not even played $1 more !!!! Your a good sport about it… You will get it Next time – DOUBLE PAY !!! Sorry Bro 🙁 Jim in NY

  23. Dusty D

    That was the worst Cleopatra 2 bonus I have ever seen. And you even found the 14 free spins!!

  24. Judy Stanko

    WOW NG WHAT THE HECK HAPPEN ON THE CLEO GAME? Did l.read that right $130 ? Well $8 win sure is Better than a loss. Maybe next time Ng👍👍👍💰💰

  25. T Homey

    NG when are you at Harrahs in Las Vegas

  26. Darwin Gutierrez

    Hi my friend I know that Cleopatra 2 bonus was nasty , but I think if Lady Luck HQ get that bonus she will win 10,000 what do you think, anyway I know that can happen I always get that kind of bonus like yours, probably they don’t show the bonus like that.

  27. Francisca Arroyo

    Hi,NG,from Rochester.ny,,love that game, Hares nice win.
    First time I see it

  28. Joyce Magonigal

    Wow!  Cleopatra $100 spins, fun to watch and congratulations on win!

  29. Elizabeth Millar

    #Cosmopolitan is a #RipOff Server Payback set waaaay too low! Luv ya NG.

  30. Celeste Brown

    Wow 14 spins and it gave you $10. I cant believe it. Hope you win huge next time. But the Cleopatra $100 paid off. Awesome job NG 👍😍

  31. Ken Riches

    Did I see a 5k orb on the vid youre saving ? Hope we dont have too long for that one !

    • NG Slot

      That is for my 200,000 subscribers special premiere

  32. Bet Fast - Slot Channel

    That last bonus was brutal! Get’em next time NG! 👊

  33. Jizzay Edwinz

    Awesome session NG, would have been massive if machine had awarded a top progressive with all your wins. Dont forget, ALL machines have the potential of awarding Hugh or nothing LOL

  34. Lee H

    Congrats on that 14 spin waste of time bonus 🤣
    Wish sdguy got that bonus to hear the swearing i would be saying at the machine lol

  35. Deaf2Demands

    That casino should be charge w/ crimes against humanity & spirit b/c of the 14 spin ,no profit bonus.. Uggh!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Chris Holeman

    Ive loved cleo 2 since i hit 5 wilds straight across the bottom row for $5k. Was either $1 or $2 bet, i forget

  37. Esther Chan

    That 14 spins got me laughing, sorry that was horrible!!!

  38. Richard van Bergen

    B O N U S

    $40 bet x 14 spins = $0,-

    It is a BONUS for …

  39. Ana Cari Resendez

    Dont tease us NG with that preview at the beginning !

    • NG Slot

      Lets hit 200k subscribers as soon as possible and enjoy it my friend

  40. create account

    Unbelievable just unbelievable. 14 free games and not win a single dollar.

  41. KB

    200K!!!!! Come on yall. Its ok to invite some friends to subscribe to the NG Slot channel party.

  42. Liza Demir

    I just Subscribed Bomba slots, because his your baddy 😉

  43. Donald Lundrigan

    How much you make off youtube???

  44. Slot Hustler

    I like that hare game!! Great wins!

  45. Светлана из Магадана

    Good luck!!!😘😘😘

  46. Sean Cerreta

    Vegas and slots are complete garbage..a scam..when was the last time anyone won 10 million plus on a slot..they havent..because if they did it would be all over the news..slots are garbage..and a complete scam..criminal.

  47. Vernon g

    Sorry I will never play that cleo game that was wow just wow !

  48. Queen Orlise

    Hey my man NG! This one of my favorites….😁 Happy winning 💵💵💵💵💵💵

  49. Al&Bel Slots

    Congrats on Handpays 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  50. Alexis

    I thought you were going got say thats my last 4 of my social 😆

    • Queen Bee Slots

      @Shirley Cromer ipgii

    • Nick Jan

      I had multiple IPA’S beers with some jågermeister shots for dinner! That was so risky increasing your bet 100 bucks per spin on cleopatra!

    • Elizabeth Millar

      NG, the server payback casino wide is different than the RPG in each machine. Cosmo is PURPOSELY setting payback percentages at certain times to be very low!! Move around casinos when you see this! 🤗

    • Shirley Cromer

      😂😂😂 have another

  51. Jane Hyland

    Narek. 14 free spins with nothing…….!! TAKE YOUR PLAYERS CARD OUT!!

  52. Goldie atThe286

    2nd nice hit in 2 weeks on the bunnies. I know where I’m heading. To the meadow 😆

  53. Hammer Time

    OMG…NG! Damn Cleopatra machine. I know the answer to that game. You need to call the 800 number for Madam Cleo and ask for a psychic reading. Those were infomercials back in the 80s. Maybe she can send you a good luck potion! Haha. Im going to be there Monday. Are you still gonna be playing in the high limit room at Cosmo?

  54. gopal krisnan

    I watch all ur videos bro… make u make more money bro 😀😀😀😜😜😜😜😜😜🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾

  55. Robert Edgar

    Now that was a sad bonus total letdown on that bonus with 14 free spins.

  56. Roosblad Jurgen

    #NG slot greetings from #suriname#

  57. Vikki VICTORIA Munoz

    The machine was broken giving you 14 spins and zero dollars in the bonus

  58. Catherine Alexander

    Love the bunny game where is this game

  59. kissy kat

    NG needs The cosmo needs to give him a permanent game area. Like the “NG Slot Spot”, I will write a letter to Cosmo and give suggest this. NG’s channel is awesome. 😎👍⭐️

  60. michael tipton

    You should watch Brian Christophers win a few years ago. I think he retriggered twice. He goes crazy.

  61. muah2babies

    Congratulations NG!!! You picked both ones I told you to pick in splitting hares 😆

  62. Uniniversal Star

    WTF! That was absolutely insane. 14 free games and nothing. I was sure you would get a hand pay. That was sinful

  63. Chris Pantel

    That was unbelievable. 14 free spins and nothing? Thats outrageous. You should have the gaming commission investigate that machine.

  64. Debby S

    Good job recouping your $$ back. The 14 spin Bonus was a freakin crime. Enjoyed!

  65. Sharon

    I love the splitting hares game! 🐇🐰🐇I love Cleo too but sometimes she not nice at all.

  66. Andrea Mooney

    Yes ng cleo 2 thank you …love this game !! Sending you Lots of luck!! God bless

  67. Robert Edgar

    You have a new girlfriend NG,(Cleopatra) she did you well.

  68. Robert Kap

    Hi NG , omg 14 free spins and nothing 😢. I would never play Cleo again the b…. ! Unless have a great day amigo

  69. Slot Gypsies Travel

    Fantastic, sorry I missed great job NG 🔮💕

  70. Briana Adorno

    The 14 free games is the reality of slots! Lol hope for a way bigger win next time with those 14 spins 😊

  71. Robert Gordon

    Ng 👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

  72. Robert McCance

    NG… not a record you want to hold, but that was the WORST bonus I have ever seen on this game.. period. Nothing but good and wishes for you on the next one!!! Stay strong as always!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍🙏🙏💪💪

  73. Denise Severn

    Nice enjoying video buddy 👍 😀

  74. ak

    U might of wanted to stay at Cleo2 after hitting a zero on bonus the next bonus is usually HUGE.

  75. Angie Marko

    What happened to14 spins and nothing no way you will get it next time NG 👍👏👍👏👍👏👍🙏

  76. beetle

    Live and support!!!!!
    Hello m.NG


    Sorry! to see Miss Cleo is cheap with you, lol…… I Have seen people won $100,000,00 on the bonus game before an old couple, lol. I have won $12,000.00 on the Bonus game before. I hope to see you win BIG next time NG.

  78. J SL

    Cosmo stinks. They banned me when I broke a window in Bungalow 3. Paid for it and never went back.

  79. Isabella Rose

    I really enjoy watching your vlogs. I have watched you for awhile now and completely forgot to subscribe but I just now subscribed. Can’t believe that cleopatra bonus you got. Nothing. As you said it’s either really good or really bad. No in between with that game but I enjoy it !!!! My favs are dragon link and lightening link.!!!!

  80. Justin Teurn

    The decorous example hepatosplenomegaly bathe because month notablely hook amid a boring hedge. political, curvy result

  81. Wayne Adams


  82. P. C.

    Absolute garbage on the 14X free spins.

  83. Elizabeth Millar

    In the casino, “server payback” is set casino wide. Cosmopolitan has been scr*wing players hard!! The RPG – Random Number Generator, within the machine still “spins randomly “. But people do not understand, the casino can set “payback “ to “low/high” and that machine will still RPG randomly but a much lower payback. That is why the casino is hot sometimes and cold others. Ever see those “near misses” with one reel missing? I live between CA and have a home in Vegas. I see it all the time. If the casino is doing this? LEAVE!! Cosmo has been the absolute worst in this pandemic at setting their servers this way!! NGs Cleopatra game here should be reported to the Gaming Commission. I think they are screwing the players so hard? They need am audit. Honestly, look at Big Jackpots $62.50!spins on prancing pig last night over there and tell me thats “normal “? Cosmo? Your screwing people and its so bad its optical, no hiding. Boycott this place. Seriously. Southpointe, Wynn, Palazzo. They are not pulling this crap this hard. Best everyone and NG e.

  84. James Fouoro

    Hey NG, any chance of playing some new games? I always see you play the same games and almost without fail they always eat your money. Maybe try and see with some new games

  85. Norma Paez

    Im sorry to say Angie that was a Ripa off oh well at least youre having fun just be careful because that was in good $40 a spin wow sometimes that happens to me the slots machines but I dont put like you because I dont have the money to do it but if I did Id be hurting too wow well sending a lot of love your friend on YouTube take it easy dont drink too much tequila

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