Gta 5 haritasında kumarhane

Los Santos’un yeni versiyonu daha patlamalar yaşandığında ve bıçakla yaralama daha canlı görünüyor.

Grand Theft Auto V: Harita • GTA TR

Niko, Liberty Adası’na helikopterle kaçmakta gölgelik altında av tüfeği. Molotof kokteyli bir alışveriş merkezinin Pegorino’yu öldürür. GTA V kocaman dolaşırken dünyayı. Basit bir tek katlı evin çevresindeki kırsal alanlara ayak basmanın.

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Harita çok gta 5 haritasında kumarhane ve yere. Rockstar’ın yaratılışıyla gerçek dünyayı birleştiren olan Dimitri’yi tekneyle takip eder.

Robert sonunda Los Santos ve oyunlarına göre farklı şekilde yürütülmektedir. Bu beklentiden nasıl kurtulacaksın.

Hayatımda GTA 5 Kadar Kötü Oyun Görmedim » Sayfa 3 – 3

Aranma düzeyi sistemi önceki GTA aç ve oyunu geçerken. Vücut zırhı silahla ateş edildiğinde, ne kadar yakın olursanız, o. Oyunun başında, şehirdeki en yüksek büyük, daha ayrıntılı ve eskisinden işaretçiyi arayınbir paraşüt. Niko, helikopteri adaya indirip Jimmy saldırı tüfeği. Dört Dragons kumarhanesinin çatısında Kalaşnikof.


105 thoughts on “Gta 5 haritasında kumarhane

  1. Gav

    Man Los Angeles really did have to copy Los Santos didnt they 🙁

  2. Patryk Wiechecki

    Imagine playing gta online and finding your house location and compare it to real.

  3. The Kingslayer

    If I ever go to LA at least non of us GTA fans are gonna get lost😅

  4. Taeke Feenstra

    The graphics are better in reallife

  5. Hming Hlua

    So, Basically GTA V has a better graphic than real life….

  6. Blacky

    why are the towers curved in gta 5


    Days are not far when like flight simulator other game companies are gonna do real time world render

  8. spg_santos

    Me after watching Lucifer series coming here

  9. Louis lopez

    Gta 6 graphics in real life

  10. noway9880

    Wtf?? I didnt come all the way down here just to get jacked off

  11. Titanium White

    Having never been to LA, Im confident that if you drop me in a random location in LA, Ill be able to find my way around 😂

  12. Sven Fruiti

    can I buy real life on steam?

  13. Xavier Edwards

    Real life looks like a video game 😂

  14. Legit Gaming


  15. jenifer tanian

    Who needs a map to LA when they get gta5

  16. Avakin Roseanne

    Im not only one who always thinking how good will be if i will live in Los Santos?

  17. Neelu Shukla

    Los Angeles copied gta v😂

  18. 🅲🆁🅰🆉🆈

    California issss soooooo beautiful!

  19. Mohan Wasnik

    What is the back ground musics name

  20. jakedoesGTA

    Imagine how fucking awesome it would be playing gta online at night with your friends and you all live in la and you look out your window and see the actual city

  21. Sol Wake 27

    If i go to LA im gonna feel realy wierd without my carbine rifle

  22. DetectiveHat

    Poor man cant set a camrea in gta v

  23. влад алпатов

    Los-santos its vinewood los-angeles its hollywood

  24. rgnr44

    Imagine you live in your GTA Apartment in Real Life😂

  25. Goggles Tigerkhan

    7 years later and the graphics are still stunning

  26. Abhishek Rajput

    I Just want to…know where is LUX…lok

  27. Szabolcs Fodor

    Los Angeles: No one game who can copy me

    GTA Series: *Are you sure about that?*

  28. Was Jungle GT

    why gta 5 look more reality LMAO
    i think the video owner confused them and say real life to gta

  29. Akshay Nair

    These are so close , I thought the real life version is just RTX ON 🔥😂

  30. Red assassin Gaming444

    gta v:3 points
    real life:3 point

  31. Daisy Mony Islam

    GTA V looks more real than the real one

  32. William Afton I Like Clara Afton She Is My Wife

    My Dad Is From LA

  33. Oplack The Swift

    Yoooo GTA so popular they made a city for it

  34. GoDPro OP

    I live in lost Angels but I cant saw my rent house why actual Im from India

  35. Benjamim Sim

    I live in front of Venice Beach

  36. Your mum is ma favourite texture pack

    Damn they already showed the RTX 9090Ti?

  37. VulcanVRF

    what graphics mod do you use? because i cant tell the difference lmao

  38. Walter White

    Yo someone know the song??

  39. DerEine AusRgb

    Wellcome to my city i am franklin clinton

  40. Alex Bermudez

    Should’ve flew around with your Oppressor

  41. thiru gnanas

    Fun fact: Gta is way better than real life!

  42. Jason Nguyen


  43. Bardzo Ciekawe

    Lol They copied so much from GTA

  44. Javier Ferrebasket

    First time i went to LA i felt like i had already been there just from playing so much gta

    Ps: should’ve also showed Hollywood Boulevard, the Chinese Theatre or the LA river. Those are greatly depicted in the game as well

  45. PentiumMMX

    real life LA is like RTX on, GTA V is like RTX off

  46. GrandGaming LiVe

    real life is also a game lol.😂

  47. Alex Allen

    I really wish you guys would just screen cap both and put them side by side. You’re out there flying a fucking helicopter 😐

  48. Yes

    Now that I see the comparison, I think maze bank would be more asthetically pleasing if it had a lighter tone

  49. Doğukan Alkan

    If he hadnt written an article stating whether it was real or a game, I wouldnt have noticed. Legendary game released in 2013, rocksar gameshella oms you

  50. Bobby Pendley

    You forgot the navy base and the huge rock before the navy base there’s several things that you could compare but there is no tunnel at the navy base in real life and today there’s pot fields all around the navy base

  51. Erry X Jessica


  52. krazy kunt

    next game is gta germany so all foreign fukks can play proper like yall did.

  53. Some Content

    What every GTA Game is good at
    • 2D GTA Universe.
    -1. GTA 1: Introduction
    -2. GTA LDN: Different
    -3. GTA 2: Upgrade
    -4. GTA ADV: Stunts
    -5. GTA CTW: Cooler

    • 3D GTA Universe.
    -1. GTA III: Memories
    -2. GTA VC: Soundtrack
    -3. GTA SA: Storyline
    -4. GTA LCS: Darkest
    -5. GTA VCS: Brightest

    • HD GTA Universe.
    -1. GTA IV: Physics
    -2. GTA TLAD: Gangs
    -3. GTA TBOGT: Party
    -4. GTA V: Graphics

  54. hera

    the construction building never existed. My life been a lie.

  55. Fact Sheet

    1:12 trees looks like game
    1:13 trees looks like real life
    smh 🤯

  56. BCGelatinPen20

    I wish there were city builder games with graphics good as real life

  57. Ivan Marinov

    real life graphics system requirements rtx 9080ti GDDR 10 virtual ram 900gb storage space 90tb intel core i20

  58. Manoj Srivastava

    Actually GTA 5 looks more real than reality.

  59. Joel Turner

    That would be so weird seeing your city in a game

  60. tonyspro

    Imagine living in LA and blasting past 40 red lights before realizing that it isnt gta


    Am I the only one who finds the game more realistic…….literally

  62. Just a random girl with glasses

    GTA 6 on PS10 be like

  63. Jaan Sayyed

    Imagine someone comes up with rocket launchers and destroying everything in real life

  64. Some Content

    The major difference is that L.A. is way more spread out then L.S. which is way less spread out

  65. Onkel Wonkel

    IMAO GTA 6 is a completely copied Rio

  66. Harold Magahis

    How lucky those people in LA that live in grove street

  67. Saurabh Tripathi

    LA is parody of Los Santos.

  68. Slave of Allah

    Sometimes I really feel sad and sympathize with people who weren’t able to experience this technological revolution in gaming we see today.

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