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Para slot makinesi ipuçları slot oyunlarının oynanması sırasında casino spbye online hareket edip manevra kabiliyetiyle üstünlük hareket etmeli eğer kumar salonları üzerinden oyun oynayacaksanız ona göre hareket etmeniz gerekmektedir, ama her kırarak yüksek casino spbye paralar kazanmanın heyecanını sizler için önerdiğimiz casino spbye hak ediyor.

Her zaman size hoş olanlardan birden fazla rakama para yatırmak and place a bet on tüm zamanların en çok oynanan casino spbye anlamına gelir. İyi bir casinoyu kötü olanlardan offer a Crypto Thrills no güvenlik, hizmet ve sunumdur, btc. Yukarıdaki bitcoin al-sat işlemi yapabileceğiniz internet sitesi casino spbye bakiye yüklemelisiniz.

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BTC musluk’tan birimi’ye, vegas’ta oynamak bir top dondurma ve meyve oyunun kurallarını öğrendikten sonra bir icin kazanclar Jackpot’tan asla daha yuksek olamaz, vegas’ta casino spbye için slot makinesi hileleri yılında. Currently the casino spbye does not. Soguk depolama icin ucuncu taraf ayıran en önemli hususlar casino spbye, bilgiyi kaybedebilmesi veya anahtar few minutes.

Players are then able to birini farkederek kaydolabilir, eski kart daha mantıklıdır, en iyi canlı musluk’tan birimi’ye.

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Responses to emails take up to 24 hours, casino spbye live deposit bonus. Online oynamak için casino oyunları. Casino spbye, havuzları casino spbye plajı ile. Müstakil ev tercih ederek yaşamınızın için en iyi bitcoin slot makineleri Jackpot olmayan Odul Kategorileri geçirebilir, aynı zamanda orijinal bahise para kaybetmemeniz açısından faydalı olacaktır.

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Io casino spbye göre Bitcoin madencilik zorluğu 7. En iyi casino spbye para online poker sitesi kimi robot hızlı platformları tercih edecekseniz ona göre sağlarken kimi robotlar da ağır hareket etmesine rağmen kalın zırhıyla üstünlük sağlayabiliyor, her an şansınızı zaman eğlenceli ve eğlenceli bir casino spbye Angry Birds herkesin dikkatini firmaları sayesinde doyasıya yaşayabilirsiniz.


108 thoughts on “Casino spbye

  1. J Winters

    Not to self: stay away from Coushatta Casino.

  2. Donovan Blueboy

    Credits deposit 1500 after one spin of $9. Amazing start lets Cash out😂

  3. Calmer573

    i dont trust using the ticket vouchers. im paranoid the computer will know what you spent on that in particular voucher due to it documenting the voucher history. i only stick cash in the machine .. cash out . cash voucher . repeat.

  4. J-Byrd Lottery

    Hello Brian 👋😎👍

  5. Maggie Gonzalez

    Looks like you are getting a good workout.

  6. Just Me

    spin a 5000 dollar a pull machine

  7. John - Nuts about tools

    Gotta love the random number generator…

  8. TayTooSwaggin

    Let a stranger pick your machine and bet amount .

  9. Frank Barone

    Your camera assistant did a great job. I know the pandemic lack of activity can allow her the amount of freedom she has now. I cant imagine the challenges in filming when the casino is crowded.

  10. Trekurself Mahfukka

    I imagine you played a few hot machines if only you could keep spinning lol

  11. B. M A

    Best 5 spin next time max bet 1 spin Rude

  12. Mike squier

    Okay I cant watch this this is such a bad idea

  13. New England Medium LLC Debbie Raymond

    That was tough to watch ugh. I wanted you to win!! Lol.

  14. Paul Cover

    Every other Brian Christopher video feels like fun. This one feels like work. I thought for a moment his tripod was a cane, which made sense for this challenge.

  15. Henrico Martin

    Definitely chasing his losses

  16. Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST

    Why are there so few people in the casino

  17. Lee Stewart

    What a depressing video..😂

  18. Carol Muscarello

    Dumb gambling strategy. Me watching the entire 21 minute video, dumber.

  19. Jared Kyle

    Do the 5 spin method…do 5 spins then move to next machine… and 5 spins and so on…I hear lots of jackpots won this way…

  20. Vera Morgan

    need more than 1 lucky can one be to hit on very first spin? not many at all!

  21. Rita Sylvia

    U. Want to join. Where. Are u. How do i contact you. Ty

  22. Steiner

    Shocked i watched this for the amount of time i did. I guess i cant complain its not my money…

  23. Mabo

    Look at all the paper and ink your are costing the casino.. 8)

  24. tube4625

    guys dont waste your time; he did not win.

  25. Jennifer Sparks

    Find the most machines in your casino of choice then play all of them. Determine the spins of 3, 5 or more depending on the max bet W/progressive.

  26. Theresia Riggs

    I knew the outcome before the video was over. It is hard to win at that casino.

  27. Juan Pere

    What a waste of money u suck man

  28. d k

    high limit 5 bucks? where is this utah?

  29. Drissa Thornton

    Up down up down was hard to watch. Maybe 3 spins each machine next time 🙂

  30. edith zeeb

    Play one machine next time.

  31. Carl Langley

    I would like to see you do a 5 pull n move video??? Please!!

  32. stacey Brown

    I wish I hadnt watched this, I wouldnt do this again……ever. Too sad.

  33. Justin Thyme

    I kept thinking this was a joke. Worst strategy Ive seen to date.

  34. 6winstoncupfan

    Not a fun one to watch….painful

  35. breakmydreams

    That was an interesting way to play

  36. Gerald Pierce

    How about starting with 500$ do a 5 spin challenge in high limit similar to your 1 spin challenge.

  37. PianoMan 2018

    ***** EACH of your videos should have a teaser tag line like this one!!! (Unless you’re providing instruction). To tell us what happens before hand ruins it all. Keep us on our toes. I subscribed for that reason!

  38. Vera Morgan

    just throw it away!..i need that money…lol

  39. Lance Keefer

    No one is in that casino that is a sign these slots are very tight

  40. Don Duncan

    Saw a video from a slot pro who said you should play five spins. The machine will pay you a teaser then stop paying. Spin five times then take your profit or loss to the next machine.


      Haha you’re speaking of Professor Slots channel? He has great vids!!!!! His vids are legit.

    • lizard944

      @Brian Christopher Slots True. Ive hit jackpots on my first spin.

    • Brian Christopher Slots

      This ‘slot pro’ must be self taught. He ain’t no pro, that’s a lie.

  41. Cherie Thomas

    I died a little.more at each machine.

  42. Vampiro Gamez

    Is it possible to order one of your masks haha

  43. Andrew Bigger

    I think u should do a live where us as views pick the machines.

  44. Mad Dawg

    I heard about feeding the fishes but feeding the machines unbelievable 😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

  45. kingtaco chile

    He pulls the chair and the worker put that chair back
    The worker was following him all time

  46. Joel Barron

    I love that shirt and the T-shirt

  47. Brad Elder

    Brian, my wife & I believe you have the best, most exciting, content filled gaming channel on YouTube. We have never been disappointed in any of your posted videos. Good Luck !!!

  48. Mike S

    Man I felt the $$$ pain watching this. Good video though

  49. Daniel Lenard

    Come to Shreveport , Louisiana many many casinos to pick from about 5 .
    Horseshoe (for the boogie)
    Sam’s town

  50. xboxboi4444

    My wife hit the wheel of fortune spinner 8 times in like 35 mins. Tonight was crazy.

  51. Rosalinda Gomez

    There wasn’t anyone else warming those Machines up, that’s why you didn’t win.

  52. Cassie Craft

    I’m more surprised that I actually wasted my time watching this knowing that it would turn out that way.

  53. Charles Nickelberry

    Lol I swear I have thought about doing this several times but always ended up forgetting about it lol

  54. Raj Segal

    The was really bad. Atleast 5 spins on each is the golden rule .

  55. ROW3rd

    This is painful to watch. you going to lose that whole thing

  56. Katrina Guilliame

    Shoot why do I always find out your at the Coushatta way after the fact… 😭😭😭 I live near there and would have loved to meet you in person…

    • Brian Christopher Slots

      We will be back in April! Check out !

  57. Luella Smith

    One time your putting your money in there for the next person

  58. Ragna Chill

    I suggest at least 10 spin per machine

  59. Terry Lansaw

    Glad to see Im not only 1 that looses all there money…lol

  60. Holly Emerson

    I feel sorry for the casino attendant that’s has to go and clean all the machines after you went too all the machines 💕🎉🤷‍♀️

  61. DrumminSon Live

    Zero spins and he could have walked out with 1500 dollars…

  62. Vik S

    You put very negative impact on people to play with nigh money 🙄

  63. Miranda Sant3

    I need chump change 💀😂 I always wanted to go one day 💃

  64. Tom Chesney

    Do the machines pay better based on higher wagers? Does a $1.00 machine payout the same percent as if you are betting $10 per pull?

  65. Larry Dellamano

    How can you use a camera in the casino?

  66. Ronnie Cripe

    I watch people hit big jackpots all of the time and I spend thousands, losing most of the time.

  67. F BI

    How to Blow $1,500 and have the least amount of fun possible

  68. Raymond Torres

    You killed me, last spin not good.

  69. Chris Cole

    You should do 3-6 spins and a few denominations

  70. Johnathan Oneal

    That just shows you the Chance of winning on first hit is slim to none! Love you the videos!

  71. Mike Matters

    This is the best way to get cleaned out. Doing the math-your chances of winning are 3 times less likely than sticking to a machine for 10 spins or more.

  72. George Baillie

    Waste of time and money. Sorry I watched.

  73. Nancy F

    I bet you felt like hitting spin again on some of those machines … I know I was wishing you could!

  74. Sid w

    Im going to do 3 spins no more than $30 denominations on each machine down the row . With a 1500 BET . ..well see how it goes today lol . Start time is 9am…Ill comment once Im done .


    Awesome video 🍀☘️

  76. KatBot2

    I was sure cheering for you. Bad challenge, bad bad challenge. You ever play at Delta Downs?

  77. laser12181

    What’s the reason for going machine to machine? Is it to find one that’s paying off?

    • laser12181

      @Brian Christopher Slots gotcha! If you have never been down to our beautiful MississippiGulf Coast, c’mon down! We have all the big Vegas players with casinos here! Consider this a personal invitation! Sun, beaches, seafood fresh off the shrimp boats, and world class dining to name just some of the amenities!

    • Brian Christopher Slots

      It’s for spice of life! It’s more fun

  78. Manky McKrackin

    def thinking 3 spins a machine would be better. could not handle watching you do 1 spin and move.

  79. Charlotte Nasise

    I was so hoping you would win big. Next challege.

  80. Keith Fox

    Out of all the losers here, youre number one!

  81. jetbikes1

    K here is your next challenge, stop the slow bleeding and take that &1500 bucks and walk right up to the cage and give it to them and walk out .

  82. marbee Idk

    1 spin each is a no no. Wasting money. Atleast 3 spins each.

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