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105 thoughts on “Şerit slotları çevrimiçi oynamak

  1. Ile

    I have to ask, do we need sims 5?

  2. Gregory Bradley

    Really nothing here that would make me believe that SIMS 5 will be released in my lifetime.

  3. Crisp_gacha_potato

    Yay I’m so exited

  4. Kaliey Hansen

    It’s really hard to understand you

  5. prodFacio

    Think about it though , why would they bring the sims 4 to consoles to not keep it going

  6. Lauren Gardella

    Id be down for some vampire and spell caster PvP.
    Id love to be able to compete and visit with other players. Like dog training competitions, mountain climbing excursions on Mount Komorebi, camping trips and Indiana Jones adventures in the jungle ruins, group parties… there are so many things that could be absolutely amazing!!

  7. bess1856

    analog the Sims 5 > twitter.com/bess56_ru/status/1375281561688363009/photo/1

  8. Bayek

    how to upgrade sims 4

    1. uninstall sims 4
    2. install paralives

  9. Jim R

    They said similar BS about SimCity online and they destroyed that franchise. If the Sims goes online – Im out.

  10. trevor lahey

    Lets make trans sims but take away their cars

  11. Corrupted_Storm

    EA was hacked bye Russian people a few days ago…

    No Joke

  12. Gacha goddess Kim

    EA next time if you plan to release a game then make sure it has the same quality as in what makes The Sims 2, Sims 3 very interesting

  13. _talcherry_

    does anyone else just- not want a sims 5

  14. Seneida Giusto

    Agreed the sims4 is a good game but its not realistic you cant mow your grass and go food shopping its broken in ways like having to buy the game just to get worlds i think sims 5 should just connect whats missing

  15. Rochelle Stinemetze

    If Sims 5 has horses I will love it.

  16. Audrey Abrams

    I don’t want a Sims five

  17. Sarahiiel

    I love the game but we literally have to pay for every single expansion pack to be able to get the full experience. The game itself was expensive for awhile. I miss the sims 2 gameplay & being able to play 2 player. I think that they’re so many ways to make this game better & ways to make online to. Sims creators just want our money in my opinion. What ever happen to the cars they added in sims 3?

    • Sarahiiel

      – also babies should have another stage instead of skipping straight to being a toddler. They only stay in their crib then you have to age them up & then they’re a toddler. I feel like we should be able to experience more of the baby stage there’s more that they can add then just having the baby cry in it’s crib. :/

  18. xMintyMatcha

    That thumbnail girl is my dream-
    So, here are MY sims 5 ideas.

  19. Thatrandomguy

    i really hope the sims 5 is good and so much better than the sims 4

    oh wait that would still be a bad game

  20. Fijii Eve

    Just update our graphics and give us extra freedom

  21. And-Nonymous

    Im personally hoping for updated less cartoonish graphics. Its one of the things that held back the sims 4. Also would be great if there was more customization options in CAS.

  22. Loraine Collins

    Idk what happened to The Sims after number 3. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Purple Dragon

    The thumbnail girls hair looks kinda like dojo cat lol

  24. neolithiumproduction

    Yeah…after the mess of sims 4, I will be passing on sims 5.

  25. ユキLA 2008

    Sorry I like Kevin’s sims 5 theme more

  26. Puck Sheet

    sims 4 is suck so no sims 5 then

  27. Kathryn Zetrouer

    Honestly, I see comments that I agree with and comments that I disagree with. Yes, TS4 is a big disappointment. I am done with spending money on a game that is getting no better than when it first came out. I will not hold that against 5 if there is one. I will give TS5 a chance, however if it is anything like 4 or if online multiplayer becomes too main focus, then I will be done with The Sims completely. TS3 was an amazing chapter in their legacy with the only real glitch being unskilled game makers creating custom content and being able to up load it without a check over by a professional from the company. Some of them had great ideas to make the game more lifelike. They just needed help with their skills. I pray that either 5 is like 3 as far as open world and customizability or that they bring 3 back and update it. It’s a hard thing to see a game that has gone so far in its life time to back track so much, yet the makers stick with it even when they know that is not the best they can do. We all know because we have seen them do better. The questions are did the company peak with 3 and will they recover their dignity after 4?

  28. Todrire

    i think the biggest thing for me is that i wish we had more personality traits and i wish those traits could possible start friendships or arguments based off those personalities alone. or even add back in the zodiac feature along side the personality traits. also wish they’d bring back favorites like where you could pick their favorite color, food, and music.

  29. zeppelincheetah

    As someone who never played past The Sims 2 everything I have seen for The Sims 5 is jaw dropping. They should release versions of The Sims 1, 2 and 3 with ALL packs included. I remember they had The Sims Deluxe or something. I might get back into it (I was addicted to The Sims 1 and 2) if they released such a thing.

  30. Joms Solano

    I guess Sims 5 is gonna be like the Cyberpunk 2077 Launch. 6 years later and its just a downgraded Sims 4.

  31. bathwaterforbreakfast

    Cc for console 🙂

  32. SableDee’s World

    The sims and GTA needs to be mashed together idk this hasn’t been done yet

  33. Jalalodin Salehi

    I dont wanna realistic looking sims game its so uncanny, I mean look at the sims 3 they went for a more realistic look and the character designs are more terrifying thane the sims 1, Im perfectly fine with the sims 4s cartoony look and I think a lot of fans are

  34. Crisp_gacha_potato

    I’m gonna ask my mum to get the sims 5 when it comes out

  35. Lora_lie668

    Your opening statement TS4 still look the same….so Im confused!!!

  36. SettleDownBeavis

    Gameplay of sims 3 + graphics of sims 4 = sims 5

    We can only hope

  37. Jimin Has Jams

    The comments are flooded with the “ sims 4 graphics + sims 2 gameplay + sims 3 worlds“, isn’t it kinda sad that all we notice as new or appreciate in a game that is “very developed” according to EAxis is graphics? 💀 The gameplay? Don’t know her.

  38. Jaiyna Aaliyana

    Paralives literally is our only hope. The sims franchise needs some damn competition, they are getting too lazy and complacent… EA is a huge franchise they could of had a specific team working on the Sims 5 since the release of Sims 4, I’m not gonna do to much but continuously updating the Sims 4 for me just isn’t working anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️

  39. talkingspongewithaweirdface

    Sims 4 is exactly like GTA V rn, their creator company is milking the shit outta them and their predecessor is better than them at gameplay or something else

  40. Rosalie Jewel

    Yea they seriously need to get on Second Life and see what people want in terms of graphics and open world…. it’s literally incredible. If I had SL with Sims NPCs and gameplay I would literally never go outside..

  41. Tr4ktion Official

    They need to bring back some of the things sims 2 had, for example placing fences on the border edge

  42. Luis

    Wait so it like official that it’s going to be announced this year ??!!?

  43. Ellie Davy

    Im more excited about Paralives than I am for Sims 5

  44. Oh my god Becky

    When sims 4 is so bad pple want to jump to sims 5 already

    I’m looking at you starwars update….im looking at you…

  45. Alexa N

    Sims 5 where you have to buy each sim separately also theres no more birthdays

  46. Blackify ASMR

    Im so glad I only spent $150-ish on TS4. Its not the best but at least I didnt spend $500+ lol. TS4 is such a cash grab.

  47. Lora_lie668


  48. Daughter of The King

    with all these mods out no need for a sims 5😂

  49. Berkov L

    No offence, I just dont see how a sims multiplayer would work….? like exchange laundry with other users?

  50. Khris Trid


  51. Fearyprinsess

    Personly I dont think that there will be a sims 5 possibly ever. If there will be a sims 5 I dont think it will be with in the next 2 years.
    Please remember that everything has to come to an end. If EA released a sims 5 and later 6 and 7, 8 will the sims even be the same?
    We are actually lucy that we get a game that updates that we can play. imagine just getting the sims as it was when It was first released no expansion packs or anything and after a few months the sims 5 also no updates or anything, then the sims 6 in a few months.

    Please note that this is just my opinion and thougts, I know nothing more than you♥

  52. Angie Penrose

    Put me down as voting *against* photo-realistic Sims. :/ I dont want to go back to Sims1 or Sims2 art assets, but photorealism would break the fantasy IMO and make them much less engaging.

  53. Alesso Spears

    sims 4 graphics
    sims 3 freedom and creativity
    sims 2 gameplay

  54. Castaplastick

    i enjoyed playing the sims 4 but i also do not enjoyed it like the previous games, we all know why. tho i have faith that the sims 4 was a cash grab for a greater the sims 5.

  55. Hamsters Mother

    In my opininion the simis 4 will be the best

  56. Get Schwifty

    I just want to know why in the video all the block texts shook? The writing moving like that reminds me of being high on acid lol

  57. Val Bradford

    Spiral staircases and the ability to put stairs at a diagonal tile!!!!

  58. Diana Anaid

    Fact no 1: it will not happen.

  59. Cyrus The axolotl

    if you dont wanna buy all the extensions but have the main game, -crack it :P-

  60. Crying Bis

    I just wish that they would combine Sims2,3, and 4,
    I mean, i kinda didn’t want a sims5-
    Please EA- 😭✋

  61. Jenko Ledbetter

    i really hope they don’t make the sims 5 online, most of the sims 4’s problems comes from it originally being an online game. no toddlers, teens being the same size, no pools, the non open world etc

  62. baguette Fedora.

    I wanna be happy for sims 5 but after they made sims 4, they took away the detail basically, old people used to have canes, toddlers crawled until you taught them to walk, babies, you could take them places, teens could try too but when they tried their parent would come in a cab and get them.

  63. Outdoor ice

    i hate the first mention, they have such high expectations yet they do not know how hard making games acutally is..

  64. Water Cat

    i hope to create spore 2 insteinstead

  65. Margaret Harris

    I just want Xbox one cc 💀

  66. Robin Rodriguez

    Sims 5 didn’t come out regularly just like GTA 6 hadn’t because they planned on letting the dlc and currency bring in revenue rather than having to spend more money in another project which costs them millions. Why keep working when you can just retire and still gain revenue while sleeping :P. Eventually they will do this again whenever we stop buying their stupid dlc and in-game currency

  67. Dr. Kevin Kaslana

    Sim Game is good
    But I want Anime version…

  68. Hobis Tiny Heart Bag

    8:18 this is how I see texts with dyslexia I’ll use that at school presentation lol thank you

  69. Christina Blue

    All I want is diseases/sickness and mental illness added to the game

  70. VB iron

    Still wish EA could update to the openworld concept they had in sims 3

  71. Bayonettamachinekill

    Sims 5 will have red dead redemption graphics, sims 2 interactions and reactions and sims 3 open world. It will be perfect if done that way.

  72. Cesar Battistini Maziero

    The sims 5 would be good if it was a subscription. Fuck buying all those packs! And make it playable on Mac.

    • Cesar Battistini Maziero

      @JeyVGaming I would pay a separate subscription! I only want sims. Nothing else.

    • JeyVGaming

      Agreed. Its annoying to buy the same expansions we already had in the past 4 games.. I hope they add it on Game Pass or EA Play and make DLCs for free. If its a separate subscription then fuck that.

  73. Laura

    Please please add height options 😭

  74. bed rox

    How can they even start to think about the Sims 5 when we JUST got bunk beds (that dont even totally function) and finally some more skin tones (that still arent representative)

  75. カップケーキBunny

    They should complete and fix sims4 first!

  76. Luise G

    I just want semi open world back from sims 3 and more real life simulations. Not dry sims with no character that keep washing their dishes in the bathroom.

  77. TheLazyArtistRalph

    A perfect sims 5 games.
    Sims 3 character style (improved)
    Sims 4 creation settings
    Sims 3 open World

    No mosiac

  78. AlphaEX

    I dont want sims 5. I love sims 4 because I already have too many packs. I dont want to spend anymore money. 😭

    • alolanraichu


    • SmurfyToonz

      i do feel the same way,but there are also chances that sims 5 could be way better

  79. Luqi

    I can already imagine those crappy alpha cc 💀

  80. rebecca xx

    Hell no. How much do we have to spend on these games? 🥱

  81. Yvon Louis

    I hope the creator of the games sims continued to make sims 🥺🥺❤

  82. Marcos Sartori

    Sims 4 is a terrible game

  83. Sayvzalth

    Why would you want to give EA money? Especially well over a thousand it will be considering sims 4 was so high priced, they even put less content in then the previous games.

  84. Homey Vibes

    Sims : we don’t have any competition in our game
    Paralives : what am I ?

  85. Anubis’s Favorite

    SIMS 4 CAME OUT IN 2014????

  86. Kwan

    Making sims 5 the perfect game:
    Sims 3 and 4 furniture
    Sims 3 character graphics (more realistic)

    Sims 2 gameplay
    Epicness of sims 1

  87. Jack Zhu

    SUPPORT “ PARALIVES “!! Look it up!!! It’s really early in development but it’s so much more transparent than EA and much more promising than EA. I do not plan on purchasing anymore sims titles just bc of how sims 4 turned out.

  88. Le4-6

    Console needs to be 3rd person. Point and click doesn’t work on console.

  89. Daydream MB94

    We need a competitor for sims so they both do stuff right to make us stay 🙃 only me?

  90. sweetbrittany1992

    i bought sims 4 on steam to play on pc instead of ps4 and i was forced to make a origin and it opens both steam and origin when i open it

  91. • H I P S T E R •

    Paralives is basically sims 5.

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