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Bingo oyna slot oyun oyna — slot makinesi satılık: casino slots jackpot

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144 thoughts on “At slot makineleri

    • Lady Luck HQ

      You must be fun at parties

  1. Jorge Gonzalez

    What casino is this? I need to go

  2. Gabe

    suprised they didnt say the machine malfunctioned

  3. SD Slots

    Amazing Win Lady Luck. Love the video its always fun winning a huge Jackpot in Vegas! I won my first hand pay just last year now Im hooked and my mom and I are going to playing a lot more 🙂

  4. SpicyHam

    craonts, pardon, congrats, amazing

  5. Хас Хас

    Хорошенькая и фартовая!!!

  6. Brian S.

    All the merch she sells goes right back into the machine plus she pays the casino pays her a percentage for promoting the casino

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Couldnt be more wrong there! Dont get paid by casinos and Im self funded

  7. GO YNWA

    If you wanna do this without going to Vegas just play options on the stock market 😂 that’s the real fun

  8. Allen Entertainment

    Lady Luck HQ: Wins only 18k on slot

    Online Real Money Casino Sorts Of Roobet Streamers: Win up 50k

  9. Jorge Yobal


  10. tddnenc

    im sorry but ur daddy pays for it all ur channel is shit. ur channel is about how to own a dumbass to pay for everything. i understand he must make great money or a drug lord one or the other but ur useless. id rather watch him. ur so fake

    • Lady Luck HQ

      What if he was a drug lord… Perhaps from the Sinaloa Mexican Cartel…. This probably wouldnt be wise to post, right? Have a spectacular night 😘

  11. Victor Olivares

    What hotel was that at?

  12. swaggerboy740

    I’m already just watching her winning when I play and lose all my fucking money

  13. Gor Simonyan

    I like when you happy and laugh enjoy that money good win

  14. Anton Abu Jrese

    this what am talking about winner winner chicken dinner. very nice 👌

  15. corey blacksher

    Damn you are gorgeous

  16. david jones

    Im Surprised she wasnt told that it was a malfunction and she wouldnt be receiving any of the money 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. nycdweller

    I am late to the game, but nice win. Too bad the government has to take out 40%

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  19. tom dimartino

    My best was $22923 on dancing drums

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Wow!! Thats an awesome win! Congrats

  20. amad mira

    Very beautiful hit good luck i won one time 33000 three cards poker and I won a car Lexus that’s it I don’t have luck with slots but ur amazing I watch all your videos please let me know when u playing live

  21. Texan Grammy

    Now that’s what I would have done. Go straight to LV store

  22. Lewis Lewisjac

    Hallo lady..Im from indonesia stay in Bali.


    I hope I get some lucky tomorrow when I go to the casino

  24. Ar Carmo

    The casino will tell you the machine malfunctioned !!!

  25. Dilan Eades

    How you get so lucky on 1 dollar domination congratulations

  26. Zaza zilla

    Im in vegas wish me luck and its my bday

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Omg happy birthday 🎂and good luck

  27. Sherderzy St

    Bruh right to buying dumd dhit

  28. End the Pandemic

    so you win and buy like a 2-3k purse?

    • Lady Luck HQ

      It was $1k. I took the winnings in check form!

  29. tom dimartino

    If we know how much you win in the title.. Why watch?!

  30. Reel Twinning Slots

    This is the first time we saw you play!!! OMG! Most amazing video ever! This machine is hard as heck!

    • Reel Twinning Slots

      @Lady Luck HQ that’s so insane! Good thing you got it on camera and didn’t decide not to film it. 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Glad you liked it!! This video is the most viewed slot video in the world!!

  31. arya logo

    guess you ask your friends to keep rewatching greedy af

    • arya logo

      @Lady Luck HQ no need to be a smarty pants …they are thousands of homeless in America and you brag about your gambling views jeez…

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Yup all 7 million of them 🤣🤣🤣

  32. joseph ellis

    Holy shit!!! Nice one girl!!! x

  33. Kane Wallace

    Its a wonder the casino let you film there

    • Lady Luck HQ

      I wish I always won! Typically more losses than wins.

  34. Eve Gnima

    Contrat!!!!!!!!! Wonderfuĺl

  35. Phung Asia

    Nhà cái Asia99 uy tín ngút trời, nạp rút nhanh ngọn cũng như khộg có giới hạn nạp rút trong ngày. Nhanh chân đánh sập nhà cái nào.

  36. สายปั่น ทุนน้อย

    i like your eyes

  37. michael matteri

    I Recently Won 460 Dollars 😂

  38. Slamacat GT

    Im surprised you still reply to comments.

    • Lady Luck HQ

      This is a social platform =)

  39. Kevin Marchant

    I think if the word oh my god wasnt invented they would be all speechless


    I hope the casino I go tomorrow has this game

    I need that kind of money 💰🤑😩

  41. Nicholas.Evans.86

    Brilliant stuff! What happens when you win that big? Do they put it straight into your bank account?

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Thank you!! They prefer to give players cash in case if you feel inclined to spend it back! We took it in check form so we took it home!

  42. Consilta Lopes de Sousa

    Ola que legal0

  43. Bike 전기자전거

    Too much OMG ㅋㅋㅋ

  44. ed z

    Why is it every time you hit a jackpot an old lady appears out of no where?

    • Lady Luck HQ

      LOL. I attract anyone and everyone around me when I hit big!! Theyre good luck!

  45. themisses

    So happy this happened to you…for me seems like the casino hire ppl to come in behind me and win every dollar I play EVERY SINGLE TIME😢

  46. Lionel Raoul

    I still watch this when I need a pick-me-up.

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Wow! Thats amazing!! I hope everything is okay and hopefully things get better ❤️

  47. John doe Jane doe

    Cool! I won a jackpot at the GSR a few years back… it was only 1,000

  48. Rawiri Makowharemahihi

    lucky win looked 👀great

  49. Kaisin Rathsavong

    My auntie got $1 million dollars 200, 000$

  50. Sal M.

    Good job taking a risk and killin it!

  51. Richard Flores

    Wow! Hella Luck on you!. Good Job!


    And she laughing us idiots moking us on how much she made on YouTube…..

  53. Hairon Anuar

    itu lelaki serupa langau …puuuiiiihhh

  54. Shiva Sugu

    Hiii dear madam my family difficult 10000 dollars plzzz very useful my life god bless you 🙏 madam

    • Lai Chee Wai

      @Lady Luck HQ Thank you…… Keep Winning, Dont stop. 🍺

  55. Crystal Castillo

    Wow thats amazing how much did you start off with?

    • Lady Luck HQ

      This was a while ago — I started with $800 or $900 — something like that… It was super early in the morning I would say 2ish 3ish and I had been working a booth in the conference hall that entire day and just decided to sit down on our way back to the room….

  56. Lady Luck HQ

    Want to know how much I made from YT from this 1 viral video? Check this out

    • quy ngo

      Chị ấy có tặng lộc ko nhỉ?

    • Lady Luck HQ

      @Matthew Harrell because its in the free bonus games round

  57. Ionut TH

    18 000$ is pocket change in USA

  58. Rafaela Carolina



    She must be rich with all these big pay outs……lier

  60. Nelly Roberts

    Damnnnn….Im speaking it into existence!

  61. Meenu Verma

    Bobby Sar Ab To bhej do paise a Ab To Udhar Kat Diya aapko de diya Mainu Mein Mani Bajar Se

  62. Judge Dredd

    I won $800 with $100 back in college. We bought that 1.75L bottle of Hpnotiq because we were in college hahaha. The next night I went back and found the high dollar room with the $5 a line bets. I bet $75 each pill I’ll never forget it because I lost that money in a blink of an eye hahahhahaa

  63. LoLo Slots

    I remember the first time I saw this video! You inspired me to start recording my slot play. 🍾❤️

  64. Cats Bestie

    Awesome play & win! You’re so gracious, I would have swatted that woman’s hand away from the screen. Way to go LL! 😻

  65. Jennifer Roccaforte

    that was awesome lady luck these videos are older im new to chanel so i been watching all ur videos n pressing like i hope i brought that louie after that win

  66. Freddy Granados

    Bichhhh get it ! 💥🔥🔥🔥

  67. Antonio Bennett

    I mean to be fair it was a 30 dollar bet lol

  68. Ruby Denn


  69. swaggerboy740

    I’m almost 100% certain she has lost more then she has won overall within the casinos and high limit slots

    • swaggerboy740

      @Lady Luck HQ I would assume ur a millionaire also pretty much well welcome to the family

    • Lady Luck HQ

      I know the feeling my friend! Last two years weve been in the red also!

    • swaggerboy740

      @Lady Luck HQ I agree lol it’s so much fun but I’ve lost over 200.000 in 1 year gambling so I had to take a break

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Of course Ive lost more than Ive won! I post all my losing videos on my channel as well. The more you play, the more you lose.

  70. Five Stars

    She bet big so you win big great job!!

  71. Melissa Belcher DP Addiction

    all I can say is lady luck is the appropriate name for you because I have never seen anyone as lucky as u in slots

  72. Alexander Lee

    Congratulations for hitting the jackpot

  73. Lewis Lewisjac

    You have trik..amazing

  74. Francisco

    This is me when i finally reach up to +10 at refinement in RO

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